Donation and Giving

Thank you for supporting Renegade Music Ministries.  All funds raised go to supporting our military chapel communities, our staff, events, and resources.  You can donate electronically by clicking the donate button.  Or you can set up an electronic transfer by filling out this EFT form.  

What Renegade Needs:

4 "Kingdom Partners" to contribute $500 or more per month

20 "Ministry Partners" to contribute $50-$200 per month

100 "Lay Partners" to contribute $10-$50 per month


Please contact us to learn more about the giving options and how you can partner with us in this ministry.  Or join the team right away by clicking the links below. 


Renegade Music Ministries is a non-profit worship organization designed to fill a gap in military chapel ministry. 


We deeply appreciate your support! Please note that 2.97% of all online donations will be deducted as a service fee by the provider and will not go to Renegade Music Ministries. Our preferred donation method is through an Electronic Transfer Form found here.           Additionally, individual checks or bill pay may be directed to Renegade Music Ministries 409 Elgin St.  Nashville TN 37211

Please use the online donation if neither of the two options above work for you.