Worship at the Well

Nashville is our home. We live here, we eat here, we shop here, and we make music here. But what Renegade has yet to do, is share with Nashville what we do with military communities. So, for the first time we will be hosting a worship event for our friends, family, and supporters in Nashville. On February 8th we will be taking over The Well Coffee House in Brentwood TN, and doing what Renegade does best, worshiping our Father with our community. Not only is this an event that is meant to bless our local community, but it is also a chance for them to get involved with Renegade’s mission and bless the military communities we will be visiting this year. We will be raising funds to send our team to Ft Belvoir VA, Ft Bragg NC, and Ft Benning GA. It will finally be a chance for our local family to see why what we do is so important and how we impact military communities when we visit them. We believe that worshiping together as a community is one of the best ways to grow relationally and spiritually with each other. This whole concept is why we started the WORSHIP AS ONE event concept. It’s only right that we do it in our own community as well. So everyone we know through school, church, work, music or anywhere is invited to this FREE event with the intention of worshiping together, connecting with each other and our heavenly Father, and learning a little bit more about how we can impact military communities.

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We will be joined by Pastor, Author and Worship Leader Kurtis Parks who will do a set from his recent release “Hymn Like,” before the Renegade band leads us in what is promised to be a worship experience full of Holy Spirit encounters and blessings beyond expectations.

So mark your calendar for FEBRUARY 8th at 8pm! Bring a friend and your singing voice!

The Well Coffeehouse is located at 690 Old Hickory Blvd. Brentwood TN.

Facebook event link here

New Year, New News!

baby boy.jpg

Happy New Year! It’s been a crazy few months here in Nashville. For one: My wife and I had our first baby boy over the summer! His name is John Bear and he is the coolest little dude every. He loves banging on the piano and falling asleep to tunes like John Denver’s “Country Road.” He’s already visited nine states, been to two professional hockey games and a handful of concerts. It’s such a blessing to have him around.

We have also been heavily involved in a new church plant here in Nashville, called Bridges Nashville. It has been an incredible experience seeing how a new church service starts and the team God pulls together to make it happen. We have made new friends and have been part of life changing worship services. God is doing good things there! If you’re in the Nashville area, please check it out.

With all of these new things, Renegade has been rather quiet. But no more! We are hitting this new year hard. We are already in talks with Ft. Belvoir, VA; Ft. Bragg, NC; and Ft. Benning, GA to bring Worship As One events to their communities. We have some news coming out later this week for our local Nashville family, and we have big plans for the rest of the year.

It’s exciting to be done with the holiday season and the first few months of parenthood, so that we can get back into the ministry and mission God has called us to for military communities. We hope you all will keep up with us as we grow and reach new military bases. Thank you all for your continued support and love.

See you soon.

Meet Francy


This is Francy.  Francy has been a part of the Renegade family since September of last year.  He has been a tidalwave of fun and musical theory that has pushed us all as musicians and worshipers to the next level with our craft.  Last November Francy joined us at the Faith In Focus event for the Virginia Military Institute.  The following are his thoughts on the encounter with those cadets and his experience with Renegade.  You can follow Francy though his other projects Hello Kelly, Lighthart, and his newly published book 100 Songwriting Prompts.  

I wasn't expecting to be a part of Renegade Music Ministries. Life was going just fine and if you'd asked me if I had time to be a part of a music ministry, I'd have likely said no.
But when the team reached out to me about being part of one of their weekends, something stirred in me to say yes, even though I didn't know what to expect. In the whirlwind that followed, I met some of my favorite people as a part of this ministry. And I got to be part of a very powerful weekend, with music, ministry, and God's presence. (And a lot of fantastic food too.)

During the worship sessions we facilitated, I was struck by the sheer discipline and commitment these students apply to their faith lives. Military school is no joke! But they showed up hungry for God, for an encounter with his Spirit. It was very inspiring and an honor to be a part of the sessions with them.

As a bass player, my role in Renegade is relatively small. But I can't overstate the importance of this vision. I don't see anybody else offering this kind of spiritually edifying service to the young men and women on track to enter the US military and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Francy will be joining us again this coming weekend as we head to Ft Knox Kentucky.  




I am sitting in a new chair, at a new table, in a new house, on a new street, in an old town.  My wife and I have finally settled in to our new surroundings in Nashville, TN.  School has started, work is demanding, the cars still need to be registered, we still have boxes everywhere, and the music scene is amazing.  We could not have asked for God to put us in a better place.

Recently two of my favorite song writers each put out a new album.  It’s always a little nerve racking when a favorite artist does something new.  What if it’s not good?  What if they jump the shark and do something totally out of left field?  What if this singer that I have spent years building a relationship with, in my mind, isn’t who I thought they were?  What if?  All of these questions, and more, flooded my mind as I awaited record release day.  Well it turns out both of these trusted writers pulled through.  They both have reinvented themselves in ways I never would have imagined, and it’s excellent.  New sounds, new instrumentation, new topics to write about and all of it wonderful and musically therapeutic to my ears.  I got a new set of headphones and have been in my own little bubble for the past week just studying the sounds they use, the way they structure their songs, and the lyrics they use to create images in listeners’ heads. 

What does this have to do with Renegade?

Today the Nashville chapter of Renegade has its first rehearsal.  Later tonight some new friends, and some old ones, will be dragging instruments into my living room for an informal jam/worship session.  It’s bare bones, it’s dirty, it’s unpolished, it’s unstructured, it's raw and it’s a pure and new start.  I’m excited to connect with new musicians and worshipers for a night that promises to only get better as time goes on.  I am encouraged and inspired by my favorite song writers’ new work.  Coming into a new ensemble gives plenty of opportunity to experiment with new sounds and structures and styles of worshiping the Father.  And what’s even more exciting is that the Master Artist’s hands are all over this.  So no matter what skills and proficiencies we bring to the table, the final mix is going to be engineered by God.  What’s better than that?

This new rag-tag bunch of Nashville musicians are preparing for the future of Renegade.  In November we will be participating in the FAITH N FOCUS conference at the Virginia Military Institute.  It will be three intense days with the Keydets worshiping and learning what God has planned for the VMI campus.  Renegade also has plans to visit Ft. Bragg, Ft. Campbell, and Ft. Belvoir in the following months.  We cannot wait to bring worship events to these military communities.   To connect with them before the throne and experience Gods wonder together

As we get the ball rolling tonight here in Nashville I ask that you help us carry this momentum.  Please continue to pray for this ministry.  Please continue to pray for military communities all over the globe.  I get the feeling many of them will be facing new trials and battlefields very soon, and they will always need our support.  Please continue to support Renegade so that we have the means necessary to reach into these communities.  Please remember that new things are coming, and new things are good.  “His mercies are new every morning.”  I can’t wait to see what else He can do.  Pray for pure hearts and clean hands.

I look forward to worshiping with you soon.


Jeff Widenhofer From Wings Worship - Wheeler Army Airfield

Simple, Pure, and Awesome.

Robbie Phillips moved to Tennessee last month and I now serve as the music leader at Wheeler Army Chapel.

And I love it.

I’ve been a full-time musician for many years, ever since leaving active duty in 2006.  I’ve played guitar on big stages and live television events and I’ve recorded music for films seen by millions of people, but I’ve never led worship music in a church service.  Not until recently.

It’s almost too simple.  My focus is to lead the people in music and to make an environment where every person sitting in the building can use music to feel the Spirit.  To simply stand and sing in the presence of God.

He does the rest.  God works on our hearts, forgives us, and fills us.  All I can do is prepare songs, practice with other musicians, and then sing out.

It’s the purest form of music I’ve ever experienced.

I’m not worried about how powerful my performance is.  I’m not worried about filling the chapel with people.  Nor am I worried about pleasing anyone.  I’m taking the gifts and talents I have and focusing them heavenward.

And God sees into our hearts.  He knows when my focus is on something other than Him.  It often is, but God gives us the chance to stand with Him in his overwhelming power.  It’s nothing short of awesome.  Leading worship is more rewarding and fulfilling than any performance or job I’ve ever done.


You can see more of Jeff through is other music venture Solidman at www.facebook.com/solidmanworks and every Sunday at Wheeler Chapel 1100.