It wasn't even 6am, but I just couldn't sleep any more.  The excitement within me was too much for more snoozing.  I got up and went straight to the chapel.  The only people there were the cleaning crew and they were surprised to see me.  They were even more surprised when I started bringing lamps from my car into the sanctuary.  Have you ever piled 15 lamps and shades into a car, it's an odd experience.  

The rest of the day is a haze of set up work.  

Worship as One was that night.  

It was our first large scale event as Renegade Music Ministries.  I spent the day with some friends ironing out kinks in a sound system, and testing cables and microphones.  We staged the drums and the amps and the keyboard and the speakers and the lamps.  The idea was to transform a normal chapel sanctuary into an unrecognizable place that looks like everything a boring sanctuary shouldn't look like. 

 The lamps.  

Soon our friends at Armed to Worship showed up to begin their workshop.  I got them settled in a class room and their students started arriving.  I went back to the sanctuary, there was much more to do.  Soon sound checks would start and I wasn't even sure if the speakers were working properly.  The stress was building and my shirt was wet with sweat.

Short prayers.  

Deep breaths. 

Red Bull.  

I didn't know what to expect.  You never do.  We advertised this worship concert and workshop all over the island.  We visited chapels on Marine Bases, Army Bases, Naval Bases, and Air Force.  This was supposed to be a military community builder.  I asked all of the ministries I knew if they would play a small role.  I reached out to neighboring churches with hopes of some sort of local support.  Surfers Church, who has been a friend to me for the past few years, was even eager about a speaking role.  My local chapels and chaplains were making announcements and putting info in their Sunday morning bulletins.  But that didn't mean I had any idea of what our turnout would be like.  I told people I was hoping for 300, but would be happy with 100.  Secretly I wanted more.  I wanted huge!  I wanted everyone, everywhere to come Worship as One.  

But numbers don't matter.

I didn't even do a head count.  

We turned the lights down low and got started.

I started the event with a prayer.  All I remember saying was that if God showed up then it was all worth it.  All the stresses of organization and testing gear and advertising and people counting, and sweating, all went away.  

Josh and Juliette started singing.  

They sang their hearts out and set the tone for what became a beautiful evening of worship.  


 Worship as One was a small success.  It was a trial run for bigger and better things to come.  And I believe those things are coming soon.  I believe God has given me a purpose and through Renegade Music Ministries I will continue to work with military communities.  It has already been proposed to make Worship as One a reoccurring event.  I love this stuff and I love doing it for the betterment of the Kingdom.  Nothing gives me a greater feeling of accomplishment than knowing I did my best at my art to lead people to the throne.   I cannot wait for another opportunity to do this.  But now it's time to rest and start looking forward.  

How can Renegade Music Ministries reach more military communities?

How can I work harder for the next event?

How does God want to use us next?

How will He bless these small successes?

These are my thoughts and prayers.  

And I'm excited about it.