Josh is a Renegade worship leader who has been serving at HMR chapel for several months.  Here is a little bit of his story and the growth in that community.


About two months before I became the praise and worship leader at HMR

Chapel, I had the opportunity to fill in one Sunday for Robbie. That Sunday I

was joined by one other singer and I learned that the chapel didn’t have a

permanent worship leader. I was told by heavy hearts that they had a new

person leading just about every other week. Due to my visits to military

chapels throughout the years, I honestly wasn’t surprised. I can’t speak for

anyone else, but in all the chapels I have ever visited, the worship seemed to

be the most neglected aspect of the service. From Korea to England to

Hawaii, I saw the same thing at the majority of the chapels I visited and it

was overwhelming. Before I began leading worship and I was just attending

church, I noticed the praise and worship set up the rest of service and, for

me, it could easily make or break my experience there. So while stationed in

England I started to hear the calling to lead praise and worship for military

chapels. I found that having a dedicated praise and worship team was really

hard to manage at times because the members of the team were military. If

we weren’t losing someone to deployment, they were traveling, on leave,

military training, appointments…. You get the picture… and unfortunately the

congregations fall victim to subpar worship or, in some cases, none at all. So

to hear that HMR had di-erent leaders every week and virtually no team at

times really made an impact on me. This congregation, though small, was so

energetic and wanted to worship. I was new to them, but they sang their

hearts out and I could really tell how much they were serious about worship.

After that service I had a bunch of the people from the congregation come up

and thank me and tell me how great it was to have me. I felt so welcomed

and like I was a part of their family.

HMR Congregation at a recent beach service and baptism  

HMR Congregation at a recent beach service and baptism  

It’s been a little more than four months now and the praise team has grown

to ten members and the congregation has doubled in size. I know that it’s

not just the praise and worship team that is bringing the growth, but we have

received so many compliments and words of encouragement. We have had

many families say that they are making this chapel their home away from

home. They say that they are getting the closest experience to their home

church that they have gotten since joining the service… Just knowing how

much of an impact our praise and worship team is making on these military

families is overwhelming. This needs to spread to all the chapels throughout

the military.