Simple, Pure, and Awesome.

Robbie Phillips moved to Tennessee last month and I now serve as the music leader at Wheeler Army Chapel.

And I love it.

I’ve been a full-time musician for many years, ever since leaving active duty in 2006.  I’ve played guitar on big stages and live television events and I’ve recorded music for films seen by millions of people, but I’ve never led worship music in a church service.  Not until recently.

It’s almost too simple.  My focus is to lead the people in music and to make an environment where every person sitting in the building can use music to feel the Spirit.  To simply stand and sing in the presence of God.

He does the rest.  God works on our hearts, forgives us, and fills us.  All I can do is prepare songs, practice with other musicians, and then sing out.

It’s the purest form of music I’ve ever experienced.

I’m not worried about how powerful my performance is.  I’m not worried about filling the chapel with people.  Nor am I worried about pleasing anyone.  I’m taking the gifts and talents I have and focusing them heavenward.

And God sees into our hearts.  He knows when my focus is on something other than Him.  It often is, but God gives us the chance to stand with Him in his overwhelming power.  It’s nothing short of awesome.  Leading worship is more rewarding and fulfilling than any performance or job I’ve ever done.


You can see more of Jeff through is other music venture Solidman at and every Sunday at Wheeler Chapel 1100.